What Are Universal Pipette Tips?

Posted by anna  on April 15, 2022 

When using pipettes, you can improve the precision of your measurements by choosing the right type of tip. The right type of tip is a must for accurate measurements, as an incorrect tip can cause air to escape the pipette's barrel and result in the wrong volume of liquid being aspirated. There are many types of tips available, but choosing the right one for the task can be tricky. While pipettes may come with different types of tips, universal tips are the most convenient option.

These tips are available for single and multichannel pipettes, and offer an acceptable level of performance compared to their pipette-specific counterparts. Since universal pipette tips are designed to fit most pipette barrels, they are versatile and are available in many shapes, sizes, colors, and packaging configurations. Many of them are specifically designed for specific tasks, such as measuring and transferring samples.

The Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips feature an excellent fit and minimal air bubbles. Unlike traditional rubber tips, they don't require much force to attach to pipettes, minimizing the risk of mistaken aspiration. In addition to their convenient design, these tips are autoclavable and are a great choice for sensitive assays, quantitative analyses, quality control, and other laboratory applications. They are made of FDA-approved virgin polypropylene, ensuring maximum transparency and efficiency.

These pipette tips offer an excellent fit with most pipettors. If you're not sure if yours will fit, you can download the Pipet Tip Compatibility Guide on the company's website. One hundred and eighty tips in a space-saving package are perfect for a single lab. They're economical and nonsterile. And they fit the universal pipette tip like a glove.

You can choose between barrier and non-barrier pipette tips. Both types have the same functionality, but different features. Barrier tips are designed for use with hazardous chemicals while non-barrier tips are great for everyday lab use. You can find these tips in bulk and convenient reloads. The only drawback is that bulk tips and most reloads aren't sterile, but an autoclave is an option for sterilizing them.

The white pipette tip is composed of a molded polypropylene resin, and it has at least one cap. What is the funciton of the white structure on the inside of the pipette tip? It is used to stop the liquid from getting into the pipette.

gilson pipette tips

Brand Pipette Tips

BRAND has a wide range of pipette tips for different applications. These tips are compatible with most pipettes that have a yellow color-coded carrier plate. These tips also come in a wide range of rack formats to facilitate their storage. There are two basic types of tips available for different volume ranges. Thin-walled tips and color-coded tips. Thin-walled tips are lightweight and contain a cadmium-free pigment, while non-pigmented tips are colorless and are inserted into a carrier plate that is marked with a different color.

BRAND pipette tips are manufactured using the highest quality materials. Their sterile tips are produced under strict cleanroom conditions and do not contain any additives that may interfere with biological experiments. The tips are also autoclavable. BRAND pipette tips can be purchased in bulk quantities, ranging from 0.1uL to 10mL. They are compatible with 5 mL Finnpipette instruments.

BRAND pipette tips are made from high-quality materials and are designed to fit most pipettes. These tips are compatible with a wide variety of pipettes, including Eppendorf, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and many other brands. They come in a wide variety of packaging options, including racks, hinged racks, and lift-off racks. These tips are universal-fit and are made to fit virtually any pipette.

Gilson Pipette Tips

Gilson pipette tips are made to the highest quality standards and can be used with a variety of different pipettors, including the Pipette Man. The tips themselves are also available in a variety of different colors, sizes, and packaging configurations. These pipette tips can be purchased in bulk to save money, and they will also deliver excellent and clear results. To learn more about these tips, please check out the information provided below.

Gilson's filtration tips are an excellent choice for sensitive assays, as they protect against biological and aerosol contamination. Suitable for qPCR, PCR RNA, and DNA isolation, they are also ideal for applications that require special care of the samples. All Gilson pipette tips are not created equal, so be sure to choose the appropriate tip for your application. Read on to learn about the features and benefits of Gilson pipette tips.

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